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C19 Auto Feminizowane

107,00 zł



White Widow Auto. x Highland Thai Auto. (f1) 

Jedna z dwóch odmian automatycznie kwitnących dostępnych w Nomad Seed Bank. Odmiana feminizowana. 









C-19 is a feminized F1 autoflowering hybrid, made up of a White Widow reverse autoflowering female and a Highland Thai Auto female. which was developed throughout the 2020 lockdown triggered by the coronavirus.

Like its sister Silver Fox Auto., we will find specimens of a much larger size than the rest of the autoflowering plants on the market, this line stands out by the fact that it has inherited a large number of Thai genes. The effect of C-19 is mainly stimulating and has a medium duration. The buds are similar to those of Thai plants: airy, elongated and loaded with resin that give off woody and spicy aromas.

C-19 will be ready for harvest after about 16 weeks from germination with a medium-high production, depending on the pot and the substrate we use.

It is recommended to use pots of about 20L with a high percentage of porous substrate in the mix, such as coconut fiber, perlite, etc …



  • Genetics: White Widow Auto. x Highland Thai Auto. (f1)
  • Format: Feminized
  • Type: Polyhybrid autoflowering f1
  • Aroma: spicy / woody
  • Life time: 14 to 16 weeks
  • Yield: medium – high
  • THC: Medium – High
  • Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis: 90% Sativa – 5% Indica – 5% Ruderalis

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