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In-fern-Ho regularne

232,00 zł



In-fer-Ho to krzyżówka kalifornijskiego Freakshow z Sensi Durban, utrwalona mutacja w obrębie liścia. 

Dostępne w opakowaniach po 5 i 10 nasion

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This variety is born from the crossing of the California freak show variety and the famous Sensi Durban.

We have stabilized with three backcrosses to inherit the very characteristic foliar taxonomy that defines Freak Show.

This strain can easily be confused with mugwort and other similar plants, making it perfect for guerilla cultivation.

It shows more vigor than its predecessor thanks to the introduction of South African sativa genes.

The leaves of this variety are a visual spectacle that will make even the most expert eye doubt whether it is cannabis.

However, once flowering begins, this evidence diminishes due to its powerful aroma.

In-fern-ho will reward us with an abundant harvest of extra aromatic buds in a period of only 9 weeks indoors and after the first week of October outdoors.

Note: The seeds of this variety are very pale and do not require hydration prior to germination.



  • Genetics: Freak Show bx4 x Sensi Durban
  • Format: Regular
  • Type: Stabilized mutation
  • Structure: Sore Sativa Hybrid
  • Aroma: Sweet / Complex / Intense
  • Indoor Flowering: 8 to 9 weeks
  • Outside Flowering: Beginning-mid October
  • Yield: Medium – High
  • THC: High
  • Indica / Sativa: 20% – 80%

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