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Mutant Bastard regularne

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Mutant Bastard to hybryda po między wyselekcjonowanym żeńskim DucksFoot i męskim Afgan Haze od Mr. Nice. Cztery pokolenia selekcji by ponownie skrzyżować z DucksFoot. Rezultat zobaczcie sami.

Dostępne w opakowaniach po 5 i 10 nasion

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Mutant Bastard, is our new mutant F1 genetics.

To breed this hybrid we started using our selected phenotype of monofilar Ducksfoot (nettle-like leaf) and crossed it with a male Afghan haze from “Mr Nice” with hints of orange, taking it up to the fourth generation to be able to fix the foliar characters of the mother.

And we finished the job by crossing it again with a selection of Ducksfoot that’s very resistant to diseases in order to restore its hybrid vigor.

In this genetic line we basically find two foliar phenotypes, the typical “duck’s foot” of the Ducksfoot father and one with three-pointed forked leaves.

Mutant Bastard will not grow much in height, it is a bush, with multiple strong branches that support the weight of the buds, which are not completely compact despite seeming so, this is perfect, since it makes it very resistant to fungus attacks, when the rain season comes.

With a flowering time of 10-11 weeks and an orange aroma, high production and resistance to diseases and the rare leaf morphology makes it perfect to be a ninja in your garden, no one will know what’s there.




 ⦁ Genetics: (Ducksfoot F5 x (Ducksfoot x Afghan Haze)F4) F1

⦁ Format: Regular

⦁ Type: stabilized webbed leaf mutation.

⦁ Structure: bushy

⦁ Aroma: orange, spices.

⦁ Indoor flowering: 10 to 11 weeks (not tested indoors)

⦁ Outdoor flowering: mid-October (approx.)

⦁ Yield: medium – high

⦁ THC: 15% – 20%

⦁ Indica/Sativa: Unknown.


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