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Silver Fox auto regularne

110,00 zł



White Widow Auto. x Highland Thai Auto. (f1)

Automat dający obfite plony, nasiona regularne

Opis producenta poniżej

Dostępny w opakowaniach po 5 i 10 sztuk










Autoflowering F1 hybrid. The result of crossing a Highland Thai auto male and a highly vigorous Super Silver Haze female.

These specimens reach three times the size of a common autoflower, since our autoflowering lines have a growth period of approximately 1 month.

After reaching sexual maturity, the plants start to flower automatically.

The specimens will be ready for harvest after 14 to 16 weeks after germination producing, depending on the size of the pot used, an XXL crop of the best quality, with mainly floral and fruity aromas and spicy touches.

The buds are mainly dense, forming a large central column surrounded by several smaller branches, unlike her sister, Covid-19.

It is recommended to use pots of about 20L with a high percentage of porous substrate in the mix, such as coconut fibre, perlite, etc …



  • Genetics: Highland Thai Auto. X Super Silver Haze Auto.
  • Format: Regular
  • Type: Polyhybrid Autoflowering F1
  • Aroma: Floral / Fruity / Spices
  • Life Time: 14 to 16 Weeks
  • Performance: High – Very High
  • THC: Medium – High
  • Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis: 10% Indica – 85% Sativa – 5% Ruderalis

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